Our Human Resources Policy

Our qualified employees, working devotedly, have contributed greatly to the successes we have achieved so far, as well as the know-how we have accumulated over the years. For this reason, our focus is on our employees in every task we take. Building our Human Resources policy primarily on the well-being and satisfaction of our employees, we encourage them to demonstrate their talents within their respected individual differences in a peaceful and safe environment.

One of the main goals of the Cevher Human Resources Policy, targeting sustainability within its generated employee value, is that Cevher is a notably acclaimed company to work with. In this regard, the following respected principles are experienced by our employees within Cevher:

  • International and local labor standards and professional ethics are followed.
  • The legislation and laws comply within every country, and even the legal rights are implemented further in favor of the employee in line with human resources processes.
  • No discrimination is tolerated. Religion, language, race, denomination, gender, sexual preference discrimination are not obliged at any level. Recruitment, performance management, promotion, appointment, and remuneration processes are closely monitored in order to follow up on the no-discrimination policy.
  • The needs and requirements are taken into consideration in order to achieve successful business results.
  • Fairness Act and protecting the rights of employees is essential.
  • The most suitable candidate in line with employment opportunities is picked and employed. Strict implementation of non-discriminatory policies in recruitment processes is encouraged
  • It is targeted that all employees know the opportunities they are provided with, acknowledge their responsibilities, and be compensated in range within the market conditions with a clear and comprehensive remuneration policy.
  • Employees’ professional and personal developments are supported.
  • Their performances are tracked and evaluated, their success is encouraged and rewarded.
  • Career plans are conducted regarding promotion and horizontal advances.
  • A motivating and supporting culture is created for teamwork and its sustainability is ensured.
  • It is ensured that the working conditions comply with the national and international legislation provisions, Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations and legal conditions.
  • The union rights of employees are respected.

Cevher is committed to the execution of processes, systems, procedures, and practices complying with the Human Resources Policy. The Executive Board is primarily responsible for the implementation of the Human Resources Policy. In order to internalize this policy by management and employees, the Human Resources and Industrial Relations teams carry out the monitoring of training and communication activities and the compliance of the practices with the policies.

All situations that are deemed not to comply with the Human Resources Policy are evaluated by the Ethics Committee upon the notification of the employees.

In addition to the business ethics principles stated in the Human Resources Policy, customer-oriented working, positive thinking, knowledge and teamwork awareness are the most important features that are sought in candidates who want to be employed by the Cevher and current employees are engaged in activities to improve them. In line with the organization's mission and vision, career planning, goal-oriented management, continuous training, performance evaluation, flexible organization structure and internal customer satisfaction measurement studies are carried out within the Human Resources in order to create a corporate culture with high employee loyalty.

Within the Framework of Cevher’s Business Ethics

Commits to be fair and honest in all business relationships. Expects all employees to act in line with ethical rules and to protect and increase the company’s reputation by adopting the principle of honesty in all circumstances to ensure the organisation’s integrity.

Ensures employment equality and encourage diversity in the workforce. Does not allow any discrimination based on colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, national origin, political view, disability or other factors under the scope of local laws in its recruitment policies and practices.

Commits to protect the occupational health and safety of our employees. Takes every action with an eye on occupational health and safety and take all precautions in the event there is any factor that threatens this, even those not mandated by law.

Adopts quality as the most important responsibility. Quality is defined by the customer and is sustained in a safe working environment. Ensuring customers’ satisfaction is the foundation for success. Produces reliable work by always keeping product and service quality at a highest level to be the best in the industry.

Competes honestly and fairly in line with all competition laws and regulations in force. Believes in economic competition and strive to improve product and service quality to increase market share.

Within the Framework of Cevher’s Business Ethics
Cevher Academy

We create long-term training plans in the CEVHER ACADEMY which aims to contribute to our employees’ development and prioritise bringing their leadership qualities to the fore in addition to the technical, quality and continuous improvement training we provide in the company as part of our continuous improvement goal.

Our Academy, which began operating in 2018, supports change and development, creates a common leadership language, obtains new skills in line with our needs for the future and runs projects with rich-content to create a difference in intercorporate relations.

Cevher Academy

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