Social Responsibility

The Cevher family knows its responsibilities towards society and views participation in activities that support education, health, the environment, animal rights, culture, and art as a primary duty. To this extent:

  • We provide technical education to youth who have, for various reasons, had to leave school after primary school as part of an “Apprenticeship Protocol” signed with the Ministry of Education, thereby ensuring their employability in the workforce.
  • We sign protocols with various universities. Beside internship and part-time working opportunities, we enable students to perform their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral thesis studies with our experienced engineers in the fully-equipped laboratories. We help youth who want to develop the opportunity to gain practical skills by including them in our operational processes.
  • We design and manufacture lightened wheels for the Dokuz Eylül University Solaris Solar Car Team’s vehicles which aim to create awareness of sustainable transport with its work. We are a “Platinum Sponsor” of this talented team, made up of students, to support their ongoing projects.
  • We donate blood with the heavy participation of our employees every year with the Cevher – Turkish Red Crescent co-operation.
  • We support a greener Izmir with our founder’s Hüseyin Özyavuz and his dear wife Saliha Özyavuz Aegean Forest Foundation as well as the Cevher Group Wood which has 1,000 saplings.
  • We carry out our internal congratulations and celebration activities by donating to the Aegean Forest Foundation and the Darüşşafaka school for orphans.
  • We send condolence messages made in our company’s name with donations to the Turkish Training Foundation.
  • We donate to the Children’s Leukaemia Foundation (LÖSEV) every month with voluntary contributions made by our employees.
  • We are pleased to support the completion of the construction of the Koruncukköy Urla homes being built by the Koruncuk Foundation to raise children in need of protection in a loving environment and to ensure they have a productive place in society.
  • We provide equipment and material support at specific times of the year to the Street Soup Vendors’ Co-operation Association which voluntarily provides soup to people living on the streets of Izmir.
  • We donate money to the Projects Association for Animals to help them provide food and veterinary services every month.
  • We sponsor the Izmir Gourmet Guide (IGG), published to protect and introduce Izmir’s cuisine.