Our Values and Ethical Principles

Our Values

As the Cevher family, we have adopted the below following values to make our people and brand respectable and expect all colleagues who join us to act in line with the same organisational awareness.

As the pioneer in the aluminium castings industry in Turkey since 1955, we keep ourselves up-to-date with advancements in technology and other developments in line with our vision as a corporation and a leading global supplier, and continuously work to move our company forward and be the best in the industry.
Sustainable Development
We go forward without stopping. Every day, every hour and every minute is important to us. We identify the most efficient ways to do our work in the light of lean production principles. This allows us to make the best of our resources and maintain a focus on sustainable development.
Fair Communication and Transparency
We communicate with our customers, shareholders and employees always with fairness and transparency. It is only after we decide what we are doing is right that we propose it to our stakeholders. With an honest and responsible attitude, we achieve the best results possible.
Solution Orientation and Flexibility
We act on solution-oriented and mutually-strengthening principles to be able to meet the needs of our customers within a desired time frame. When customer demands are unique and exceptional, we adopt a flexible approach without compromising on quality and make the best of our experience to go beyond expectations.
An Agile Team
We are a dynamic community. Blending years of experience with our endless enthusiasm and desire to explore, we always look to take our company to new heights. Even in times of difficulties, we never lose our hope and team spirit, and keep going forward to realise our goals.
With the objective to remain part of a grand industrial process, we have been keeping a close eye on the developments in the automotive industry and the technological advancements in our field with great excitement since day one. Accordingly, we constantly renew ourselves to take our company one step closer to our goals.
We monitor our products for quality at every stage of production from their design to their delivery to end consumers, and never compromise on our principles in any way. It is of top priority for us to offer products that we can proudly stand behind to the automotive giants, whose long-standing cooperation with us is the proof of their trust in our company.
We greatly value our employees and customers. It is significant for us to provide our employees with a happy environment to work in, and to serve the needs of our customers in the best way possible. We acknowledge that these two factors depend on each other. When properly realized, they guarantee success for all of us.
Occupational Safety
We consider our employees as our family members. With the awareness of the responsibility entrusted to us, we provide each with a safe and healthy workplace environment. To maintain the safety of the workplace, which is regulated by law, we carry out safety inspections on a regular basis and offer safety training programs throughout the year.
Environment Friendly
We serve our customers always following the law and eco-friendly principles. We respect nature and acknowledge our environmental responsibilities. We encourage not only our employees but also every company and organization that is in contact with us to develop environmental awareness.

Our Ethical Principles

The ethical principles we have inculcated in our organisation play a key role in enabling us to manage our relationships with our customers, suppliers and other business partners within an international framework of ethical and moral values. As for our handbook entitled “Code of Conduct” created with this in mind, it explains the principles Cevher employees have to adhere to whilst performing their duties and their responsibilities towards our company while propounding our working principles aimed at raising our corporate culture.

Code of Conduct