Our Values and Ethical Principles

Our Vision

Becoming a sustainable global player in terms of R&D and aluminum casting solutions for challenging electromobility and light weighting expectations of strongly evolving automotive industry.

Our Mission

Providing flexible, agile, competitive, innovative engineering and production solutions to aluminum casting requirements of the automotive industry.

Our Values

As the Cevher family, we have adopted the below following values to make our people and brand respectable and expect all colleagues who join us to act in line with the same organisational awareness.

As the pioneer of the aluminum castings in Turkey since 1955, we are an agile team, which blends our 65-year experience with the enthusiasm of catching up with the research and technology. Thanks to our rich corporate memory and team structure which gains strength through learning from each other, we do not lose our team spirit and belief, and we fulfill our responsibilities in harmony and solidarity, and with passion, even in challenging conditions.
We trust each other and become a reliable business partner for our customers. We observe the quality of our products in each step, from designing stage, until they reach to the end consumer, and we never make compromises on our rules. Thanks to our customer-oriented flexible working principle, we offer products, which we are proud of, to the leading OEMs of the automotive sector, which prefer and trust us for years.
We respect to the human, society, environment, and laws. We pay attention to all ideas within the organization with the awareness of the fact that the differences shall create wealth; and protect the rights of our employees. We take the necessary precautions regarding occupational health and safety; maintain the environmental awareness under the laws; and we aim to touch the society with our social responsibility activities.
Continuous Improvement
It is among our priorities to move forward without stopping. Therefore, we care about every day, every hour, and every minute. We determine effective working methods by acting with lean production philosophy, thus we make the best of our resources, and focus on the continuous improvement and the better.

Our Ethical Principles

The ethical principles we have inculcated in our organisation play a key role in enabling us to manage our relationships with our customers, suppliers and other business partners within an international framework of ethical and moral values. As for our handbook entitled “Code of Conduct” created with this in mind, it explains the principles Cevher employees have to adhere to whilst performing their duties and their responsibilities towards our company while propounding our working principles aimed at raising our corporate culture.

Code of Conduct