Development & Production


High-quality aluminium ingots are melted in melting furnaces. The liquid is then degassed for lightly tempered aluminium alloy wheels, chassis, suspension, and electromobility parts with the low-pressure aluminium allow wheel casting. After all casted products are passed through automatic X-ray controls, their mechanical and metallurgical characteristics are improved and are subjected to heat treatment to increase their physical resistance. The future plan of investment in high pressure casting is one of our important strategies.
The machining process is made up of a group of five operations – machining, deburring, and rounding, sealing test, balance control, and diamond cutting. This ensures the safety, functionality, and visual characteristics of the aluminium alloy wheels to meet the customers’ requirements. Working with the best machine tools producers, modern CNC machining centers, automated production lines, rotary transfer systems, our investment continues to provide our customers with chassis, suspension, and electromobility parts.
Paint Shop
The painting process is made up of three main processes – pre-treatment, powder coating, and spray finishing and, as well as meeting the high corrosion resistance requirements of manufacturers, offers impeccable surface quality and visuals with different colours and varieties with high-quality metallic paints and premium paints with high shine.
A multitude of tests are performed in the mechanical test, metallurgy and paint laboratories as part of the production and dimension controls in the name of being able to provide customers high-quality products and record reliability from the product development stage to serial production.