Development & Production

Our Quality Policy

Cevher defines quality with its customers and has adopted sustainable quality as its primary philosophy.

Our Values
  • High customer and employee satisfaction,
  • Lean communication and transparency,
  • Sustainable profitability,
  • Reliable working partnership.
Our Vision

To be a corporate and international supplier in the rim industry by ensuring a culture of continuous improvement in our processes.

Our Mission
  • To offer high-quality, reliable products just in time to our customers as an expert in our industry and our customers’ solution partner,
  • To focus on activities that create added-value with our lean work processes,
  • To identify new technologies suitable to the context and goals of our future strategies and which meet the needs and expectations of internal/external parties,
  • To identify the targets of quality and processes aimed at that are measurable, realistic, and increasing customer satisfaction to ensure continuous improvement,
  • To view our employees as the most important part of our processes, to ensure a safe working environment and to increase the training and skill levels of our employees continuously,
  • To develop the competencies of our suppliers and to work harmoniously with the suppliers by identifying common targets within the framework of continuous improvement projects,
  • To increase the variety of customers with new customers and projects,
  • To meet our responsibilities to the society, the environment and the legal regulations as per ethical rules, to use our resources efficiently, and reduce wastage,
  • To create added-value for our shareholders, employees, suppliers, and partners.
Quality 1
Quality 2
Quality 3

Testing Capabilities

We perform a multitude of tests at every stage from design to serial production to record quality and thereby we are sure we offer the most reliable products.
Mechanical Test Laboratory
  • Dynamic Fatigue Testing Device
  • Radial and Axial Fatigue Device
  • Impact Test
  • Helium leakage test
  • Static and Dynamic Imbalance Measurement Device
  • Portable Hardness Testing device
  • Non-destructive Inspection
  • Harmonic Measuring Machine
Dimensional Control
  • 3D Measurement Device
  • Circular & Plane Displacement and Static Imbalance Meas. Device
  • Static and Dynamic Imbalance Measurement Device
  • Surface Roughness Measurement Device
Metallurgy Laboratory
  • Reduced Pressure Testing Device
  • Spectrometer
  • Hardness Testing Device
  • Macroscop
  • Automatic Polishing Device
  • Tensile Testing Device
  • Precision Balance
  • Thermal Analysis Device
  • Portable Hardness Testing device
Point Laboratory
  • Precision Balance
  • pH and Conductivity pocketmeter
  • Cross Hatch Cutter
  • Chemical Titration
  • Portable Glossmeter
  • Magnetic Mixer with Heating
  • Viscosimeter
  • Salt Spray and Alternating Climate Test Chamber
  • Stone Hammer Blow Testing Instrument
  • Drying Oven
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Coating Thickness Gauge
  • Colour-Matching Booth
  • Pressure washer Test Machine


The foundation of the high customer satisfaction that Cevher has reached is formed by the product and service quality developed within the framework of international standards.