Development & Production

R&D and Engineering

Product Development

Cevher aims to continually meet the requests of its customers in the best possiblemanner and even surpass them.

This is why we keep our knowledge and skills up to date with technical, quality and continuous improvement training in the company in addition to our corporate memory formed over 65 years. Cevher presents unique process knowledge for each model with the technical relationships and strong teamwork it has developed with its customers and offers reliable and stylish alloy wheels to the automotive industry by working to develop the best casting conditions and improving the performance of serial production in the light of mechanical tests.

Production Process
Mold Design and Production

The mold design and production of our wheels are conducted in-house at Cevher by our experienced, agile and meticulous team.

In this context, we closely follow developments abroad and develop our current design and production methods by adopting such developments to our own needs each year. At this point where quality control begins, we form our safety principle on strong foundations thanks to a proactive manner of working with our production processes.

Production Process
R & D

We help to develop a bridge between industry and academies with our R&D department which works on technological ideas and product development, the productive use of resources, sustainability and process development to increase our competitiveness in the die casting industry.

We share the findings we make from the work we do in both national and international congresses and scientific literature with the aim of contributing to the overall literature on the subject. We prepare the young, potential engineers who have good employment prospects with internship opportunities where they can directly participate in our daily operations and higher education students the possibility of co-operating with us for their dissertations with the protocols signed within the scope of University-Industry Co-operation.

Production Process
Optimal Engineering Solutions

As Cevher R&D Team, we utilize state-of-the-art software to obtain mathematically optimal solutions to reach design targets without compromising cost, weight, or safety.

Product validation capabilities are currently being expanded with new testing equipment for multi-axial fatigue and dynamic testing of wheels simulating actual driving conditions. Our designers have the numerical tools to simulate all the required fatigue and impact tests before product validation in addition to CFD analysis of wheels and molds.

Production Process