Cevher Academy Has Been Established


The fast pace of change connected with technology has taken the understanding of competition to new places and has created the need for organisations to grasp tomorrow and for visionary leaders who can carry their brands forward like never before.

Cevher, which has succeeded in many firsts in Turkey and has, with its more than 60 year’s experience, taken on the principle of nurturing its own leaders from within, created Cevher Academy with the aim of more effectively investing in human resources, its most valuable asset. 

Cevher aims to equip managers of every level with guiding, mobilising, unifying, motivating, modern and effective management methods with every project it implements with the aim of supporting change and development, creating a common leadership language, acquiring new skills in line with future needs and making a difference in internal relationships. 

As for our Management and Executive Board Chairman Haluk Özyavuz, he spoke of his views of the Cevher Academy as follows, “ Cevher Academy will, in future years, continue to be enriched and continue with its activities with different training programmes as well as hold a light up to the path to discover the real potential of our family, the skills of which I believe in. I have full belief that we will ensure Cevher’s story will continue for many long years with our fully trained team.” 

Cevher Akademi