PRESS: Cevher Group's Sustainable Growth





Cevher Group, which manufactures aluminum casting parts, will proceed with its new investments by increasing its market share through its sustainable growth model for 2021 and beyond.

Cevher Group Executive Chairman and CEO Haluk Özyavuz stated that they plan to improve their product portfolio following the evaluation of the projects of other casting parts that they have taken a break from manufacturing as of 2016 in addition to aluminum casting wheels throughout the year. Özyavuz said, “Our customer portfolio will further develop in line with this action. Our OEM deals, which have we carried into the digital platform with the start of the pandemic, gained momentum again as of the second half of May when the virus effects began to ease. For example; Mercedes is one of the important Premium customers we have included in our portfolio this year. He said, "The wheel groups that are produced for large size, custom-designed, and electric vehicles, carrying a higher added value will rapidly increase their significance in our product portfolio as of the last quarter of 2020."

A significant part of the investment will take place in the Aegean Free Zone

Explaining that the biggest part of the investment was allocated for the 34,000 square meters’ new production facility in the Aegean Free Zone where the existing factories are located, Haluk Özyavuz said, "While expanding the melting, casting and heat treatment processes in our existing aluminum wheel factory; we will also operate the robotic CNC processing system and auto paint operations in our new production facility.”

Turnover target has been revised

Özyavuz, who noted that the turnover, which was around 70 million Euros per year, is projected to decrease by 20-25% due to the coronavirus crisis effects in 2020. We expect to increase our turnover to 100 million Euros in the first stage after our new investments come into full capacity. We truly believe in the future of our country and our group, that has witnessed many crises in its 65-year history and has succeeded in surviving all these crises. For this reason, our new factory investment project will prevail whatever the circumstances will be.”

Source: Nihat DELİBAŞI - DÜNYA News Automotive Supplement (July 2020)