Alloy Wheels

Cevher produces aluminium alloy wheels for the automotive industry’s leading OEM customers using the low-pressure casting method.

We offer our customers high-quality, competitive products thanks to our modern production facilities, CNC processing machines, paint shop which has different colour and surface options, our experience in low-pressure casting, our engineering skills, and production flexibility.

More than 65 years’ experience in casting

We have gained a large proportion of our experience as the leader in aluminium casting in Turkey since 1955 by working with the leading names in the automotive industry. We continue to always offer better products with our team that combines our deep-rooted past where we have completed many firsts and the innovations of today with our rich experience.

Production Process
Reliable business partners

We carefully take every step towards our customers in the name of making the quality of our products sustainable which we have taken as one of our most important principles. This is why we prefer to work and develop strong, long-term relationships with leading and reliable partners in the industry for every stage of production from design to serial production.

Production Process
Flexible and lean decision mechanism

We operate with a solution-orientated working principle that strengthens both parties in the name of meeting our customers’ needs in the optimum timeframe. We work flexibly to meet different and unique needs on the condition of uncompromising quality and we create strong value along the serial production process by using the experience of our team in the most suitable manner.

Production Process
Development and Production


Discover the journey of our products, from the design stage to serial production.