Energy Policy and Activities


  • Procures every kind of information that can be used and necessary resources,
  • Optimises energy use by continually improving the energy performance of all machines and equipment in the company, 
  • Follows the latest technology and alternative energy resources, 
  • Prefers high energy efficiency designs for its investments,
  • Purchases energy efficient products and services,
  • Increases employee awareness of energy efficiency,
  • Manages all these processes with the participation of employees, 
  • Complies with all legal requirements and other conditions thus created,
  • Commits to ensure the sustainability of all the above-mentioned processes by continually reviewing them

to reduce the amount of energy consumed during its operations and to reach its targets and goals for energy efficiency.

Our company has adopted natural resources and energy consumption as a foundation stone for sustainable development together with quality alloy wheel production and customer satisfaction. In this context, 

  • Energy Management, 
  • Identification and tracking of energy goals,
  • Legal compliance,
  • Inspections,
  • All improvement activities are completed.

In the scope of energy management: 

  • Clean industry uses natural gas and electrical energy according to the principle of clean energy.
  • 2 certified Energy Managers are present as per legal regulations,
  • The Energy Management Team (EYE) was established under the chairmanship of our energy managers,
  • Our registration on the ENVER system of the Renewable Energy General Directorate subordinate to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources was completed. 
  • Total energy consumption (Petrol Tonne Equivalent (PTE)) are entered annually into the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources’ ENVER Portal.
  • Improvements are being made in energy consumption by establishing a relationship between air pollution and energy consumption,
  • National and international legal regulations concerning energy use pertaining to our activities are followed and the necessary work needed for compliance are put into effect, 
  • Lighting measurements are made and efforts to use LED and efficient light bulbs as part of the scope of improving energy efficiency have begun.
  • Thermal measurements are made, and action is taken to improve the consumption of natural gas and energy efficiency.
  • Energy studies concerning pumps have been conducted and improvements will be begun.
  • Co-generation projects are being implemented taking heat loss into account. 
  • Consumed energy sources per process and even facility are reviewed and yearly targets are made.
  • Energy efficiency class is one of the most important parameters during the establishment of new facilities and equipment procurement.
  • Simple 6 Sigma projects are being conducted for energy efficiency.