Environmental Policy and Activity

Our Environmental Policy

CEVHER management commits to take the necessary precautions and track their implementation, including the training activities, to ensure a sustainable environmental management system which is open to development in the automotive industry and all its production and service processes and which includes all the stakeholders it interacts with created to leave a liveable environment to the next generations.

By providing the necessary resources to reach our environmental goals to support the protection of the environment and clean production as an environmentally friendly industrial facility in line with the principles of lean and continuous improvement in all our company’s activities. 

Our Principles

  • To comply with the applicable laws and other conditions,
  • To be a solution partner and increase the sensitivity of our suppliers in terms of the environment and to provide projects in parallel to our goals by paying attention to demands of our customers, government bodies and private organisations and institutions have regarding the environment as part of the communication we have, including special requests, within the framework of the Cevher Environment Management System, 
  • To implement improvements and ensure our employees develop an environmentally-aware lifestyle culture with the aim of ensuring the effective use of natural resources so as to leave a liveable environment,
  • To be a leading organisation in the industry in terms of the environment and to improve our systems continually in light of our environmental policy and continuous improvement. 

Our Targets

  • To protect and efficiently use our natural and energy resources,
  • To take our environmental dimensions under control, to contribute to continuous improvement, and to manage our suppliers as a leader-example, 
  • To prevent direct harm caused by our production to biodiversity and the ecosystem by bringing our environmental impact under control,
  • To prevent pollution, reduce the use of resources, and minimise waste resulting from our activities as allowed by technological opportunities.

Our Environmental Activities

Cevher has adopted the protection of the environment entrusted to us by next generations as a foundation stone of sustainable development together with quality alloy wheel production and customer satisfaction. In our company, there is no process that has been left outside the scope of the environment as all processes have been evaluated with the environment as a priority. Our environmentally-friendly facility was crowned and thus proven by the first-place prize in the Aegean Organised Industry Zone (EBSO) “2013 Environment Prize Competition-Environmentally-Friendly Industrial Facility”. 

We are continually measuring and improving environmental performance by identifying environmental targets with an environmentally aware mindset and complying with laws concerning the followings. 

  • Environmental risk management,
  • Efficient use of natural resources and energy,
  • Waste management,
  • Clean and wastewater management,
  • Air pollution control and management, 
  • Waste management.

In line with the legal regulations: 

  • 25.11.2013 dated concerning “Air-Emission” Environment Approval is obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning,
  • Conducting works aimed at “prevention in resources” in activities to prevent environmental risks and environmental protection, 
  • Periodical entry of legally required legal declarations (industrial waste, wastewater, waste oil, land pollution declarations, etc.) into the related portals,
  • BEKRA and Chemical legal data entry related to this matter applied in the scope of chemicals management procedure, 
  • Evaluating chemical management in line with the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) including test projects and considering and applying legal procedures related to the Environment – Occupational Health and Safety - Transportation of Dangerous Substances,
  • Storing chemicals in a manner compliant with the required environmental and related conditions, 
  • Evaluating, following and continually updating “Illegal – Restricted Substances”, which is very important in the automotive  supply industry (aftermarket) in line with chemical management,
  • Preparing plans for waste management and presenting them to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, 
  • Implementing 100% of waste management regulations according to the regional characteristics where the company operates,
  • Conducting works with ESBAŞ (Aegean Free Zone Founders and Operators), licensed companies and the Regional Environment Directorate, stakeholders in compliance requirements in regulations and legal frameworks and having tests conducted by accredited laboratories when creating a new source of waste, 
  • Having channel connection licenses provided by ESBAŞ for wastewater discharges, 
  • Constructing emission flues that comply with related regulations and conducting flue gas measurements at the periods specified in the related regulations, 
  • Renewing the “Obligatory Dangerous Substances and Dangerous Waste Financial Responsibility Insurance” annually as per the Environment Law,
  • Training is provided, awareness is created with visual materials and an environment bulletin is published monthly to increase the awareness of employees,
  • Increasing the level of awareness of employees in this matter not only for working life but also to reflect this in daily life at the “Training Festival” which has become a Cevher Jant San. A.Ş tradition, 
  • Celebrating the “5 June World Environment Day” with various activities (such as slogan competitions, sticking up posters for environment day, celebration mail and opening new temporary waste storage areas), 
  • Ensuring participation in and supporting activities and committee projects of associations we are a member of such as TÜDOKSAD and EBSO related to the environment,
  • Conducting Internal and External environment inspections,
  • Preparing a monthly environment report and submiting it to the management and the interested persons,
  • Evaluating and inspecting suppliers from an environmental perspective, including them in training activities, aiming to increase environmental awareness,
  • Taking the “Natural Resource Consumption”, an important environmental parameter, into account, taking every opportunity to inform employees and managing projects with a simple 6 Sigma methodology,
  • Providing important contributions in protecting the environment and recycling by minimising waste. In this connection, work pertaining to “The Chip Preparation and Melting Facility” and “The Separation of Oil and Water Gas of Aqueous Cutting Oil” projects that are evaluated and applied in the framework of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning’s waste management, 
  • Providing support for thr various R&D projects related to the environment and Dokuz Eylul University Environmental Engineering Department. Like a school, internship opportunities are provided, and support and opportunities are provided for dissertations that will also be for the company’s benefit for students, 
  • Providing support for the projects established with the leadership of the Izmir Province Provincial Environment and Urban Planning Directorate (for example, the Aegean Free Zone Odour Commission) by preparing detailed information presentations and participating in these projects,
  • Pictures have been taken of the areas inspected and much approved by the Provincial Environment Directorate for Waste Storage Areas and Temporary Waste Storage Areas to use as examples,
  • We have an Activity Document as part of the “Dangerous Substances Land Transportation Regulations-ADR”, employ “Dangerous Substances Safety Advisors (TMGD)” who have the required certification and also obtains separate consulting services. Declarations are made to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in this matter as of the date such regulations enter force. A system suitable for the regulations has been set up and processes are managed according to the principle of continious improvement.