Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy

CEVHER's senior management and all employees embrace occupational health and safety in product, process design and manufacturing activities as a natural part of our job. 

In this respect, in line with the expectations and requirements of our company, employees, customers, stakeholders, and society; zero occupational accidents and diseases are targeted by complying with ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System terms and related regulations, and constantly enhancing their efficiencies. 

Our Principles

As we take firms steps towards our targets, our principles are:

- Complying with laws and regulations and occupational health and safety requirements of the establishments we are affiliated with,
- Determining our future occupational health and safety strategies accourding to the context and our purpose, in order to meet the needs and expectations of the inner and outer participants,
- Working to develop and maintain the sustainability of occupational health and safety system, and increase productivity,
- Raising awareness with necessary trainings in order to turn occupational health and safety culture into a lifestyle,
- Eliminating andy danger to the integrity og employee health by taking necessary regulating and preventing actions, decreasing, and tracking risk factors,
- Consulting and ensuring upmost participation of our emoloyees and our representatives as a big part of the occupational health and safety management system. 

Our Objectives

- Zero occupational health and diseases,
- A safe and efficient work environments with the slogan of "Occupatinal Health and Safety First",
- Preventative approach,
- With sustainable and continuously improving occupational health and safety, preserving our health and safety performance on top. 

Occupational Health and Safety Activities

Cevher adopts the health and safety of the employees and the working environment as one of the keystones of sustainable development as well as the quality wheel production and customer satisfaction. There is no procedure in our company which is left out the scope of the perspective of OHS. OHS is considered as a top priority in all processes. In this connection, all the following activities are performed:

  • Health and Safety risk management,
  • Training,
  • Legal compliance,
  • Accident root-cause analyses and examination of the near-misses,
  • Inspection,
  • Observation activities,
  • Periodic checks,
  • Emergency drills.

In line with the legal regulations;

  • A Health and Safety Committee is present and conducts monthly meetings.
  • Risk analyses are conducted with regard to Occupational Health and Safety and their relevance is ensured,
  • Works are performed aiming the "protection at its source" which is the first phase of the prevention of the risk and the protection activities.
  • Near-misses are managed via the system which is developed for this purpose.
  • A permanent occupational physician is employed to ensure the continuity of providing health services for the employees. 
  • One health personnel is employed as an assistant position for the health services of the employees.
  • Infirmary services under the supervision of an occupational physician and the health personnel are provided, periodic checks, and vaccination according to circumstances, of the employees are performed.
  • Individual employee health check plans are performed and observational controls according to the working environment in line with the plans are conducted (lung imaging, blood investigations, audiometry tests, respiratory function test etc.).
  • The working environment is also kept under control and the periodic measurements according to the legal regulations are performed by the accredited organisations.
  • Training with regard to OHS is provided to employees and are made aware of chemicals, handling of chemicals and Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Storage is performed according to the environment and OHS conditions required for the storage of the chemicals.
  • The level of awareness of the employees with regard to OHS is being raised through the OHS training, not only in the company specific, in a manner that has a reflection on their daily lives, during the “Training Festival”, has become the Cevher tradition.  
  • Inspections are carried out and inspection results along with the action plans are followed.
  • Analysis of accident root causes is examined, necessary actions are taken to eliminate the causes, the generalization of the way of doing is ensured.
  • Important parameters with regard to OHS (such as accident frequency rate, accident seriousness rate) are followed and the targets are set on a departmental basis.
  • Awareness of OHS is increased with printed and visual materials and monthly OHS bulletin is issued.   
  • Certification required for the employees or as a work requirement (forklift license, boilersmith certification, etc.) is immediately included in the training plans and realization of the plans is ensured.
  • Occupational training requirements are determined and meeting of these requirements are ensured.
  • Work permits (working with fire, working at height, etc.) are prepared, work permits are obtained before starting such works and then the works are carried out.
  • Suppliers are evaluated and inspected with regard to OHS, and the new suppliers are subjected to such evaluations.
  • Contracts with regard to OHS are made with sub-contractors who will work in the factory and requirements are clearly stated. 
  • Emergency plans are made, teams are designated, training is provided to the team members and emergency drills are carried out.
  • The periodic checks of equipment and vehicles (lifting equipment, air tanks, grounding, etc.) are performed as per the legal process.
  • Various activities and competitions are held during the OHS week and the celebration of the week is ensured (slogan contests or the identification of hidden dangers).
  • Participation in the activities and the committee studies with regard to OHS of the various associations such as TÜDOKSAD, EBSO that we are a member of, and support is given to these studies.