Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Cevher gives importance to the creation of a working environment that prioritises the health and safety of all employees while considering the requirements of the organisations and institutions it is a member of and special customer requests with all its production and service processes. 

One of the foundational processes of the health and safety management system adopts the concept of continuous improvement and ensures continuity in all activities and is based on respect for people.

Our Principles

  • Complying with the laws and the regulations,
  • Providing a suitable working environment to reduce the risk of work accidents and occupational disease to a minimum and to conduct checks,
  • Providing training to our employees throughout their working lives to turn health and safety culture into a lifestyle, 
  • Supporting our employees to protect and develop their own health so as to live a dynamic and peaceful life both physically and mentally by increasing awareness of healthy living.

Our Targets

  • Providing a working environment with zero work accidents or occupational disease and to train aware employees who are a part of this environment, 
  • Commits and declares to reduce risks identified by risk analyses to a minimum and to manage in a manner that contributes to continuous improvement.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Activities 

Cevher has adopted natural resources and energy consumption as a foundation stone for sustainable development together with quality rim production and customer satisfaction. In this connection, Cevher conducts the following activities:

  • Health and Safety risk management,
  • Training,
  • Legal compliance,
  • Accident root-cause analyses,
  • Inspection,
  • Monitoring. 

In line with the legal regulations:

  • A Health and Safety Committee is present and conducts monthly meetings.
  • Risk analyses are conducted in light of Occupational Health and Safety and their relevance is ensured,
  • Infirmary services under the supervision of an occupational physician are provided and periodic checks of the employees are performed,
  • Individual employee health check plans are performed and observational controls according to working environment are conducted (lung imaging, blood investigations, audiometry tests etc.)
  • Services are procured from ESBAŞ’s Common Health and Safety (OSGB) to ensure continued health services for employees,
  • The working environment is also kept under control and accredited organisations are charged with assessment at legally defined periods,
  • Training is provided to employees are part of OHS and are made aware of chemicals and of how to work with chemicals,
  • A “Protection from Explosions Document” was prepared in co-operation with an external organisation,
  • Inspections are carried out and inspection result action plans are followed,
  • Analysis of accident root causes are performed and are published monthly in a report,
  • Important parameters concerning OHS (such as the accident frequency rate, accident seriousness rate, general accidents) are followed and targets identified,
  • Awareness of OHS is increased with printed and visual materials,
  • Certification required by employees for the requirements of work (forklift license, boilersmith certification, etc.) is immediately included in training plans and are carried out,
  • Work permissions (apparatus works, working at height, etc.) are prepared and are applied when the work is performed,
  • Suppliers are evaluated and inspected from the perspective of OHS,
  • Contracts are made with sub-contractors who work in the factory with regard to OHS and requirements are clearly stated.
  • Emergency situation plans and equipment are identified and drills are carried out,
  • The periodic checks of equipment and vehicles are performed as per the legal requirements,
  • Various activities and competitions are help during OHS week (such as slogan competitions or the identification of hidden dangers).