Personal Data Protection

Company Approach and Policy with Regard to the Protection of Personal Data 

Cevher Jant Sanayii A. Ş. gives the greatest significance to the confidentiality and security of all kinds of personal information that may be processed by all our departments via our website. In this light, every department of our company has prepared and put into force an open risk document specific to itself regarding the 6698 numbered Personal Data Protection Law and to be compliant with all relevant regulatory provisions, primarily the basic rights identified in article 20/3 of the Constitution of the Turkish Republic for all data that can be processed by our company. Additionally, the implementation of our general policy aimed at the processing of personal data is also found in our data storage and destruction policy with our data processing principle and conditions. Moreover, your rights as per the Personal Data Protection Law can be found below.

Applications under the Personal Data Protection Law

The relevant person (data owner) can send the written request related to their rights  as per article 13 of the 6698 numbered Personal Data Protection Law and the 10.03.2018 dated and 30356 numbered “Methods and Bases Notification for Applications to Data Controllers” provisions as well as the rights defined in article 11 of the same law and the rights mentioned below in 9 articles to our company’s head office (Akçay Caddesi No:144/1 Kürşat Sokak No:10 Ege Serbest Bölge Gaziemir İzmir) or, if their e-mail address has previously been declared to our company and is present in our company’s records, by e-mail to

In your application the following information must be given as per the relevant regulation:


  • Name, surname, and signature (for written applications),
  • Citizen number for Turkish citizens or, for foreigners, your passport number or I.D. number,
  • Home or work address for communication,
  • An electronic mail address, telephone and fax number (if applicable),
  • Request Subject

Any application that does not contain one or several of this obligatory information cannot, unfortunately, be processed.

We can provide responses to the following requests as per article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law as follows: 

  1. You can learn whether or not your personal data has been processed
  2. You can request information about personal data that has been processed
  3. You can learn of the purpose for which your personal data was processed and whether or not it was used in a manner suitable for this purpose
  4. You can learn of third parties located both domestically and abroad to whom your personal data has been provided
  5. You can request that your personal data be corrected if it has been processed incompletely or incorrectly
  6. You can request that your personal data is deleted or destroyed
  7. You can request that your request for your data to be corrected, deleted or destroyed is relayed to third parties to whom your data has been provided
  8. You can request that your processed data is exclusively analysed by means of automatic systems and that, in the event that any result is to your own detriment, you can contest the result.
  9. You can request that any harm you suffer due to the processing of your personal data in a manner contrary to the law is recompensed.